This is a CD we released as a Sangha in the spring of 2007.



These are original, devotional songs presented freely as an offering for all sentient beings.
Downloads are zipped and encoded in .mp3 format @ 192k. Total Download Size: 59Mb

These compositions are derived from a cycle of Tantric Buddhist prayers and practices we were originally introduced to in the fall of 1989. With roots extending back into north India of the 5th century bce and flowering in Tibet over a thousand years ago, these spiritual exercises employ extensive chanting and elaborate visualizations interspersed with frequent periods of silent meditation.

With encouragement from our Tibetan teachers, Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche and his brother Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche, we began putting some of these prayers to music in 2001 and have gradually expanded the part music plays in our daily practice. Some verses are sung in Tibetan, others have been translated directly or lightly re-worked into new forms intended to faithfully reflect the spirit conveyed by the Tibetan texts. With only one exception (track 7), the melodies on this recording are original.

There is a long tradition of tantric practitioners making use of songs as a way of sharing the teachings with others and expressing realization. Now that the Dharma has come West, vigorous hybrid expressions might naturally emerge unique to this time and place. Perhaps it is an aspect of our collective mindset -- from continually siding with the underdogs and being marginalized in the culture wars over the last forty years -- that the powerful vehicle of rock music has not been more widely employed for devotional communion by us barbarians in ‘the land of the red-men’. Here is a sincere and passionate effort in that direction. Through this offering, we have attempted to focus attention on the highest reality as reflected in the image and spirit of Padmasambhava. YIDAM draws attention to the subtle beauty and infinite wisdom represented by these prayers and mantras.


Here is a unique collection of spiritual music based on prayers, mantras and sadhanas dedicated to Guru Padmasambhava, one of the main figures in the colorful tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Sweet female vocals and inspired electric guitar ornament this unapologetically psychedelic expression of awakened consciousness by a group of Buddhist hippies from Tennessee, apparently bored by the 'new-age drone sound' so typical of western musicians inspired by eastern spiritual traditions. Those of us brought up on rock and roll long for wisdom which you can also dance to. We always knew it was possible and now, there is no doubt about it. We need alot more of this kind of music and I sincerely hope it will inspire others to make further efforts in this direction. YIDAM will rock you, hook a few powerful mantras into your brain and leave you wanting to hear it again.

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