While the Great Master Padmasambhava was staying in Great Rock Hermitage at Samye, Sherab Gyalpo Of Ngog, an uneducated 61 year old man who had the highest faith and strong devotion to the master, served him for one year.

All this while Ngog didn't ask for any teachings,
nor did the master give him any.

When after a year the master intended to leave,
Ngog offered a mandala plate upon which he placed a flower of one ounce of gold.

Then he said, "Great master, think of me with kindness.
First of all, I am uneducated. Second, my intelligence is small. Third, I am old, so my elements are worn down.

I beg you to give a teaching to an old man on the verge of death that is simple to understand, can thoroughly cut through doubt, is easy to realize and apply, has an effective view, and will help me in future lives."