Lama Mipham (1846-1912), “aspiring in all lifetimes to be the servant of Guru Padmasambhava” was a great Tibetan teacher who composed many of the sadhanas we practice. The words to this song are based on Mipham’s variation of the ‘seven branches’ - the basic structure of any tantric liturgy. Among them are beseeching noble and holy beings to be present, making offerings, purifying obstacles, rejoicing in those who have cause for happiness, requesting teachings, and asking that the teacher remain to continue serving beings. These ritual activities are all forms of purifying the mind and accumulating good karma. This simple prayer is a complete sadhana in itself, aspiring to awaken the Buddha within, to absorb these teachings to the degree of spontaneous realization and perfect enlightenment.

Like all vajra practices, this prayer ends by dedicating whatever good has been generated through its performance, so that all beings may attain supreme liberation.

Lama, Deities & Dakinis Please Come!
Be Seated on Thrones of Lotus, Moon and Sun Disks,
I prostrate With Devotion of Body, Speech and Mind
I make outer, Inner and Secret Offerings
I Purify all Broken and Lapsed Samaya
I rejoice in Those who Practice the Secret Mantrayana Teachings
which Will Ripen and Liberate All Sentient Beings
Remain I pray firmly Here and Do Not Enter Nirvana.

I Dedicate the Essence Merit for All sentient Beings
May we All Realize Perfect Vajra Nature

(translated into English by Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche in 1992)