The Khenpo Rinpoches on Turtle Hill

June 13, 2002

This shot was chosen to begin this short series of pictures as it suggests something about the spontaneous nature of tantric transmission.
Only about a dozen shots were taken, none of them posed.
Maybe its just me, but this is how this one looked upon first viewing:-

Khenchen Palden appears slightly blue, symbolizing dharmakaya.

His right hand is open in the mudra of emptiness wisdom.

Khenpo Tsewang seems to emerge from Khenchen and appears red,
symbolizing compassion and the rupakayas.

His hands (ornamented with a wristwatch) hold a mala
symbolizing skilful activity in space time.

all quotes used in the following pages excerpted from
The Door to Inconceivalbe Wisdom and Compassion, Sky Dancer Press, 1996