Bondage is not based in external causes but in the mind of each individual. If we show more love, consideration, and compassion toward others we will create the right conditions to permanently liberate mind from emotions like anger, jealousy, attachment, and the darkness of ignorance and unknowing. This is why it is so important to develop a daily practice.

Sit down in front of your shrine after preparing it nicely. Take a few moments before you begin just to sit silently, just to appreciate the situation, the beauty you are a part of and what it is that you are about to do. Naturally, mind will soon return like a wild monkey without any effort on your part, but try and sit for at least a few moments in silence before you begin to chant. Recall the Buddha and how reliance on his teachings is the way to the other shore. Generate a feeling of kind-heartedness toward all others. Then engage the practice. When it is time to meditate, begin by asking your self, 'Where is my mind?' Simply locate your attention and then be with it. Do not analyze it any further. This is the true beginning of meditation.

You have a great opportunity. Appreciate the beauty of this moment. Things don't just happen by accident. How fortunate to be alive in such a wonderful place, together with our family and friends. Of course, none of this is permanent. Things change, as they always have and always will. Do we expect the world to be any other way? We can't really do anything but continue our journey up toward the glacier of old age and death. Can you see the snow in my hair? Make good use of the time you have left here. Live your life so that it is a cause of great joy and happiness for both yourself and others rather than a source of regrets. Take advantage of your present freedom and apply yourself to transforming the negative qualities of your mind.

- notes taken by Padma Shugchang from the oral teachings of Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche, June 2000, Monterey Tennessee