Praise to Yeshe Tsogyal

For all sentient beings equally
Your heart is filled with love and compassion.
O Mother Yeshe Tsogyal,
Hear your child crying out to you!

Though I vowed to be a Bodhisattva,
My strength and realization are weak.
When turbulent thoughts unsteady me,
Please be a solid staff!

Though I want to discern clearly good and bad,
Even recognizing my own true nature is hard.
When the dark curtains of ignorance fall,
Please be a clear light.

Though I have courage and patience,
The fire of anger still flares.
When the joy of self and others is burning up,
Please be a constant rain of loving compassion!

Though I know non-grasping is supreme,
Without resolve, clinging is too much.
When mind and body are tormented with sensations,
Please open the great vista of self-liberating nature!

To all those who know and do not know you,
You are the great loving mother:
Kind companion,
Affectionate sister,
Fully enlightened Buddha,
O Yeshe Tsogyal, Yeshe Tsogyal, Yeshe Tsogyal.

Unshaking devotion within the lotus heart,
Through the sun of compassion and kindness,
Grant the light and shower of your blessings,
And bring the two activities to great frutiion!

This was written by Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche,
during the second month of the Wood Boar year 2122 (1995)
at Padma Samye Ling, New York State.  May the inconceivable true light
of the Buddhas shine through these words!  If the pure
Bodhictta is kindled in anyone who reads them, they
were not written in vain.