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- mind, 'cognitive act', grasping mind, frame of mind, mind or soul, thought, main mind, cognitive act[s] syn {rnam shes tshogs drug} experiencing, potential for experience, general forms of experience, grasping, conceptual mind, attitude, intent; (ordinary) mind; attention; cognition, cognitive act, mind or soul, grasping mind, frame of mind, thought, main mind, syn {rnam shes tshogs drug} experiencing, potential for experience, general forms of experience, conceptual mind, attitude, intent. mind, thoughts, thought process, [chitta];

tshor ba
- { v.; 1) to hear. 2) mental or physical feeling, sensation, perceptions, pleasure pain, [seventh of the one of the {phung po lnga} - the five aggregates / skandhas. {rten cing 'brel bar 'byung ba'i yan lag bcu gnyis} 12 links of dependent origination.]. feeling; sensation (i.e. as aggregate or one of twelve links);
tshor ba - Feeling; to become aware of

'du shes
- Skt. samjna, 1) notion, conception, perception, activity, apprehension, concept, consciousness, consideration, discernment, discrimination, distinguishing, idea, ideation, image, name, recognition, feelings, thought, perceptions; one of the {phung po lnga}. 2) {'du shes pa} to perceive; hold a notion / an idea, entertain an idea, feel an inclination of, think

yid la byed pa
- attention, mental work, mental demanding / application / engagement, contemplate, apprehending, apprehension, to comprehend, mental engagement/ to engage mentally, comprehension attention, fancy, imagination, to formulate thoughts/ ideas; to deliberate/ consider; to formulate ideas; ideation/ idea; mental process, take to, pleased by, fixing the mind on things syn {rnam rtog} / {bsam mno} / {mno bsam}; attention, mind work, mental activity, [manasikara]

reg pa
- v.; contact, to touch, contact, to reach, [rapport], 1) contact, as one of the twelve links, the sixth of the twelve links of dependent origination, as one of the twelve links, the sixth of the twelve links of dependent origination. 2) sensory contact; contact, as one of the five ever-present mental states, one of {kun 'gro lnga};

'dun pa
- v.; 1) to desire, to wish earnestly, to yearn, 2) Def. by Jamgön Kongtrül: {bsam bya'i dngos po don du gnyer ba,} intention, as one of the five object-determining mental states. 3) attitude; strong interest, aspiration, wish, determination, inclination, intensity, yearning, zeal, purposeful intent, will, craving; goal, aim; intention, motivation, aspiration, determination, impetus, interest, wish to act, resolve, will, volition, longing, trust, craving, willingness, regard for, planning, goal, scheme, preoccupation.

mos pa
- 1) admiration, dedication; dedicated intent, devoted intent, devoted interest; devotion; to imagine, intend, feel devoted to; inclined towards, interested in; interest; 2) Adherence, as one of the five object determining mental states; {yul nges byed lnga}. five determinative states, Def. by Jamgön Kongtrül: {nges pa thob pa'i don la de kho nar 'dzin pa}. attention, conviction, determination, belief, interest, inclinations, loyal, inspiration, inspired, motivation, resolute faith, strong interest, to be pleased, will, wishes, aspirations, to feel longing for, esteem, liking, belief, a general notion, intensified interest, belief, to admire, to be disposed towards, yearning,

dran pa
- v.; to think; pay attention, be mindful; recall, be mindful, think about, miss; remember with longing, meditate, become aware of, contemplate 1) mindfulness, memory, alertness, presence of mind, recollection. / recollectedness; alertness; presence of mind; memory, thinking; mindfulness, awareness, presence of mind, attentiveness, attention, memory, recall, rememberance, recollection, consciousness, one's full senses. 2) consciousness, thinking, recollection or memory, Skt. smriti, 3) one of the five object determining mental states, Def. by Jamgön Kongtrül: {'dris pa'i dngos po mi brjed pa}. 4) one of the {'phags lam gyi yan lag brgyad} the eightfold noble path;

ting nge 'dzin
- 1) samadhi, concentration, mental focus, stabilization, meditative absorption; contemplation, state of contemplation, \total involvement, undividedness, deep concentration, meditative concentration, holisticness, holistic experience, wholeness, meditative stabilization. {ting nge 'dzin 'jug ldang} entering and arising from samadhi. 3) Concentration, as one of the five object determining mental states, meditative trance. 4) one of the {byang chub yan lag bdun} the seven causes of enlightenment. 5) the three samadhis: suchness samadhi, {kun tu snang ba'i ting nge 'dzin} all-illuminating samadhi, {rgyu'i ting nge 'dzin} seed samadhi.
ting nge 'dzin - samadhi. 'Adhering to the continuity of evenness.' A state of undistracted concentration or meditative absorption which in the context of Vajrayana can refer to either the development stage or the completion stage.

shes rab
- prajna, intelligence, knowledge, discrimination, [wisdom]. insight; Discrimination, as one of the five object determining mental states, superior knowledge [in most contexts] - wisdom [when taken as synonomous with yeshe]. syn {ye shes}; superior knowledge [in most contexts]. - superior intelligence, or intelligence [when refering to the 51 mental factors]. - wisdom [when taken as synonomous with yeshe]; Wisdom, discriminating wisdom, [prajna]; bden don gtan la 'bebs} rang dang spyi'i mtshan nyid rnam par 'byed pa'o} discriminative awareness, recognition, intelligence, to be aware of, come to understand, to know, to grasp, master, to learn, can, be able to, to realize; knowledge. one of the {pha drug} - the six paramitas; discriminative awareness, insight, intelligence. [wisdom]. syn {ye shes} wisdom. - wisdom [when taken as synonomous with yeshe]. transcendent knowledge
shes rab - Prajna. Knowledge or intelligence. In particular, the 'knowledge of realizing egolessness.'

shes rab - discriminating knowledge

bag yod
- heedfulness/ carefulness; careful/ modest/ discreet; attentiveness, careful, carefulness, heedful, to pay heed, conscientious, mindfulness

shin tu sbyang ba
- Pliancy, as one of the eleven virtuous mental states; pliancy, mental event,  the power to control and use our mind and body in any way we like. as one of the eleven virtuous mental states;

btang snyoms
- 1) equanimity, impartiality, indifference, unconcern, evenmindedness, apathy [as one of the eleven virtuous mental states]. 2) to ignore, disregard, be careless, indifferent, neutral; impartial; 3) {mnyam par gzhag pa'i tshe bying rgod sogs kyis mi nyams par rtsol med mnyam nyid du 'jug pa} pure state of equaninity; one of {byang chub yan lag bdun} - the seven causes of enlightenment; neutral feeling between pleasure and suffering, neutrality, one of the four immeasurables {tshad med pa bzhi}

ngo tsha
- 1) n. embarrassment, shame, timidity. 2) v. embarrassed, to be bashful, to be shy, conscience stricken, sense of shame, self-respect, sense of self-shame, to be ashamed, embarrassed, awareness or knowledge of that which is shameful; modesty
ngo tsha - Sense of moral shame

khrel yod pa
- decorum, sense of shame, modesty, bashfulness, decency, dread of blame, considerate, propriety, embarrassment, fidelity and concern. One of {dge ba'i sems byung bcu gcig} one of the eleven virtuous mental states. {gzhan la ltos nas de 'dzem pa} syn {khrel can}, {khrel yod pa}

chags pa
- v.; 1) to be attached, desire; attachment; passion, lust, desire, craving for; the desirous one [who is experiencing desire]. 2) creation, arising, evolution; (phase of) formation; to be begotten, produced, to form/ evolve; formed, produced/ arise, come forth. 3) dignified {zhi zhing chags pa} peaceful and dignified; 4) pollution

zhe sdang med pa
- Non-aggression, as one of the eleven virtuous mental states; non-hatred, having no feeling of indignation

gti mug med pa
- blang dor la ma rmongs pa} Non-delusion, as one of the eleven virtuous mental states. amoha, non-deludedness, non-ignorance; nondelusion

rnam par mi 'tshe ba
- Commiseration, as one of the eleven virtuous mental states, non-harmfulness, non-violence.

brtson 'grus
- exertion/ diligence/ perseverance; zeal, effort, vigor, "enthusiastic perseverance," [def. to joyfully engage oneself in what is virtuous, dge ba'i gnas la sems mngon par spro bas 'jug pa]. {dge ba'i sems byung bcu gcig}. diligence, one of the {pha drug} - the six paramitas.
brtson 'grus - Diligence

ma rig pa
- ignorance, unknowing, unawareness; misknowledge, nonrecognition of intrinsic awareness; ignoring the intelligence, nescience, ignorance (i.e. one of twelve links); ignorance, as one of the six root disturbances, lack of awareness, [avidya] not understanding the diffence between virtue and non-virtue. One of the {chu bo bzhi} four currents.
ma rig pa - Ignorance. Ignorance of good and evil deeds causes us to take rebirth in the three realms of samsara. Ignorance of the ultimate truth is the main cause of samsaric existence.

'dod chags
- attachment, desire; desire-attachment; passion, lust; Def. by Jamgön Kongtrül: {khams gsum gyi gnas lus longs spyod la zhen pa} Attachment, as one of the six root disturbances,

khong khro
- anger/ wrath; anger, aggression, aversion, rage, vexation, resentment, grudge, hostility, malicious/ anger; hatred, indignation, wrath, one of the {rtsa ba'i nyon mongs pa drug} six root delusions

nga  rgyal
- 1) pride, egocentric pride, arrogance, conceit, egocentricity, egotism. 2) the I-principle, literally 'I-king,'. pride; assurance;

the tshom
- Doubt, [as one of the six root disturbances.] indecision, uncertainty, hesitation, suspicion, dilemma, perplexed, doubts, hesitancy, indecisiveness, irresolution, vacillation, wavering.; + za ba - to entertain doubt; doubting, [as one of four types of cognition].

lta ba
- View. A particular understanding and orientation based on studies of philosophy. In the context of Mahamudra and Trekcho, the view refers to the state of 'ordinary mind' or 'self-existing wakefulness' free from any concept, even of philosophical insight.

khro ba
- {khro ba, khros pa, khro ba} intr. v.; Skt. krodha 1) v. to be angry, furious, get mad at, make angry, enrage, become angry/ wrathful. 2) One of {nye nyon nyi shu} fury, wrath, rage, anger, vindictiveness, belligerence; strong anger [bordering on violence], indignation, fierce anger.

khon du 'dzin pa
- resentment, malice; grudge-holding, to take rancor, vindictiveness, malice resentfulness. as one of the twenty sub-disturbances. See {'khon 'dzin}

'tshig pa
- v.; Spite, as one of the twenty sub-disturbances, angry abusiveness, insolence, caustic, rage, spite, to burn, to destroy by fire.

rnam par 'tshe ba
- Hostility, as one of the twenty subdisturbances, harmfulness.

phrag dog
- 1) Envy, as one of the twenty sub-disturbances. jealousy. 2) jealous, envious

- hypocrisy, as one of the twenty sub-disturbances; 1) to flow / drift / move about, wandering. 2) dishonesty, cunning, deceitfulness, deception, dissimulation, craft, cheat, hypocrisy. 3) tremble, shake, shiver, wave, waver, unsteady, moving, agitated quake. 4) blown [by the wind] {g.yos}; Wavering; deceit, dishonesty.

- 1) hypocrisy, deceit, one of the {sems las byung lnga bcu nga gcig} 51 mental events in the {nye nyon nye shu} 20 proximate. 2) {sgyu ma} 3) deceit, deception, deceitfulness, pretentiousness, pretense, pretentiousness. 4) false, deceptive, illusory. 5) Pretense, as one of the twenty sub-disturbances; artifice, imposture

khrel med pa
- inconsiderateness, lack of propriety. shamelessness, indecent, immodesty, non-embarrassment, outward shamelessness. 1) lack of propriety, non-embarrassment, as one of the twenty sub-disturbances; {gzhan la ltos nas nyes spyod mi 'dzem pa}

'chab pa
- {'chab pa, bcabs pa, bcab pa, 'chobs} trans. v.; {'chams pa, 'chams pa} intr. v./ {}; Concealment, to conceal, as one of the twenty sub-disturbances, [hypocrisy]. keep secret;

ser sna
- 1) stinginess, as one of the twenty sub-disturbances; avarice, greed, frugality, miserliness, meanness, the continual desire to increase one's store of wealth.  2) stingy, tightfisted; close, mean, cheap, tight, parsimonious, penurious, close-fisted, miserly, niggardly, penny-pinching.

rgyas pa
- pf. of {rgya ba}; 1) adj. abundant, complete, at length, in detail, elaborate, detailed, extensive, more comprehensive, fully expansive, to extend, to increase, vanity, to spread, displayed, enrichment, extensive, broad, lush, detailed, full. 2) v. to increase, expand, blossom, unfold. extend, in detail; fully grown, lush; to prosper; to unfold/ expand/ spread; unfolded/ expanded; effulgent (bhaga); elaborate; augment. 3) increasing, enriching; one of the {phrin las lnga} the five activities. 4) with prominence

dad pa
- faith; confidence; Faith, as one of the eleven virtuous mental states, devotion, to have, feel faith, to wish, thirst, to believe, willingness to participate.

rnam par g.yeng ba
- Distraction, as one of the twenty sub-disturbances, exitement, restlessness, distraction, carelessness, mental wandering, to be distracted, mental wandering or the inability to control our mind, complete distractedness, forgetfulness [of {chos nyid} syn {'phri ba byed pa}; distraction, wandering. carelessness

bag med
- careless, negligence, nonconsciencetiousness, being carefree and inattentive, not caring whether virtuous or non-virtuous karma is being produced, doing whatever comes to mind, negligence, heedlessly, without concern, carelessness, heedless, indecent, careless, reckless, inconscientuous.

brjed ngas pa - forgetfulness, forgetting

shes pa bzhin ma yin
-shes bzhin ma yin pa - inattention, as one of the twenty sub-disturbances; nonobservance, lack of alertness [mental event], non-introspection, non-awareness.

ngo tsha med pa
- lack of conscience, non-shame, inward shamelessness, shamelessness. syn {ngo tsha khrel med};

rmugs pa
- dullness; pf. of {rmug pa}; a dense fog, drowsiness, fogginess, gloominess, lethargy, sloth, sluggishness, languor, languidness, inertness, depression and dullness, mental dullness.

rgod pa
- excitement, agitation, distraction, restlessness, mental excitement, wildness, over-exuberance, mental agitation, discursiveness, 2) menacing laughter (one of nine moods of dance); wild(ness) 3) Excitement, as one of the twenty sub-disturbances, {nye nyon nyi shu}; 4) laugh 5) irrepressible rage/ anger/ hostility 6) capable, good

le lo
- torpor; Laziness, as one of the twenty sub-disturbances, procrastinate, slothful or laziness, indolence. one of {nyes pa lnga}; Laziness, as one of the twenty sub-disturbances, indolence, tardiness. one of {nyes pa lnga} procrastinate, slothful.

gnyid- 'jug pa'i sems drug nang du bsdus pa'o} Sleep, as one of the four variables. torpor, sleepiness, drowsiness
'gyod - regret, sorrow; vi. to regret, repent, to feel sad, sorry; regret
rtog pa
- Skt parikalpana, kalpana, 1) abstraction, activity of empirical mind, concept, conception, conceptual consciousness, conceptual thought, conceptualization, discursive thought, elaborate thought activity, examining, grasping of experience through thought, introspection, idea, imputation, intellectual systemization, intention, investigation, meditation, mental activity, notion, reflection, thinking, thought consciousness, thought construction, thought. 2) Concept, as one of the four variables, Def. by Jamgön Kongtrül: {'du byed kyi chos rnams la rtsings por 'jug pa'o}. 3) {rtog pa, brtags pa, brtag pa, rtogs} trans. v. , to consider, examine, conceptualize, conceive (of), search into, look through, investigate, think, to scrutinize, search into, examine, investigate, impute.

dpyod pa
- v.; 1) to try, examine, analyze, investigate, scrutinize, 2) Discernment, as one of the four variables. Def. by Jamgön Kongtrül: {zhib mor 'jug pa'i sems pa}; analysis; [vicara] (mental) investigation; examining [mental function]

chos rab tu rnam par 'byed pa
- fully discerning phenomena; investigation into / analysis of / discrimination of dharmas, extremely precise analysis of phenomena, the correct bodhi factor of fully discerning phenomena. One of the {byang chub kyi yan lag bdun}, seven branches of enlightenment chos rab tu rnam par 'byed pa'i shes rab - the knowledge that fully discerns phenomena

dga' ba
- Delight  v. 1) joy; bliss, sympathetic joy, rapture, happiness, pleasure, delight, [mudita]. 2) to delight in, love, be fond of. 3) Joy; one of the {tshad med pa bzhi'i rgyud} four immeasurables. - to enjoy, delight in, to be overly fond of, delight in, like, take pleasure in to relish


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