FORGETFULNESS    [brjed ngas pa]
What is forgetfulness? It is a fleeting inspection which is simultaneous with and on the same level as the emotions. It functions as the basis of distraction.
It is a flash of awareness in which the mind is not made clear and forgets immediately the positive thing because it is an attention to an emotionally tainted object. Thus, since the Pancaskandhaprakarana declares that forgetfulness is an emotionally tainted  inspection, to be oblivious to and dim about a positive mental attitude, is said to be forgetfulness. Since an emotionally tainted object having pleasant or unpleasant characteristics does not become the object of the mind, it cannot impress the mind; therefore, this cannot be called 'forgetfulness'.

Its function of distracting means that, due to any continually tainted inspection, the mind is uneasy concerning the emotionally tainted object.