What is directionality? It is a mental activity that propels the mind forward. It has the function of making the mind settle on what is positive, negative, or indeterminate.
It is a mental event that arouses and urges the mind with its corresponding events on towards an object. From among all mental events,  it is said to be the most important because the force of this mental event sets the mind and any mental event on to the object. Just as iron cannot but be attracted by a magnet, so also the mind cannot be but set on an object by this mental event.

While this directionality is a mental operation, action is twofold insofar as it is directionality and intentionality.

Action is directionality and what has been set up by it. That which has been set up are bodily and verbal acts.
Intentional activity takes place in bodily and verbal actions. Although they are unlimited, in summarizing their most important features, there are seven in reference to actions by body and speech and ten in reference to actions in a social context. The classification of actions is threefold; positive, negative and indeterminate; or meritorious, non-meritorious, and neutral.

It is very important to know well the differentiation of how to recognize these actions and how their effects come about, how they project (a life style) and bring about its fulfillment, how they are to be experienced with certainty and without certainty, how in the way of being experienced with certainty they are experienced immediately, indirectly, or in the future.